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Physiology is the study of life, specifically, how cells, tissues, and organisms function. Physiology is important because it is the foundation upon which we build our knowledge of what "life" is, how to treat disease, and how to cope with stresses imposed upon our bodies by different environments. The study of normal biological function provide the basis for understanding the abnormal function seen in animal and human disease (pathophysiology) and for developing new methods for treating those diseases (translational research).

Nature of Work


  • Study in the internal "communication" of organs, energy procurement and utilization, blood circulation, excretion, defense systems against infection, repair mechanisms and reproduction.
  • Focus to keep the internal environment of the body stable to ensure the survival of the organism.
  • Are constantly trying to answer key questions in areas ranging from the functions of single cells to the interactions between human populations and our environment here on earth, the moon, and beyond.
  • Physiologists work in laboratories, in libraries, in the field, and in space.
  • Study how the body adapts to temperature and environmental extremes encountered on earth, or the zero gravity encountered in space flights, to learn how life processes cope with these environmental stresses.



Admission Requirements




MS/ M.Phill (if BS/M.Sc.)


2 Years

2 Years

4 Years

2 Years

3-5 Years

  • FSc. Pre-medical
  • Equivalence if other than FSc (A’Level etc...)
  • Entry Test for BS

Qualities Required

Job Opportunities

  • Scientific aptitude
  • Methodical and accurate and like laboratory work.
  • An aptitude for Mathematics and the biological sciences is important.
  • Ability to think logically and concentrate well is equally necessary.
  • Good health is important, because physiologists spend a great deal of the day on their feet.
  • Good interpersonal relations are necessary, especially when the physiologist work on a research project as a member of a team.
  • Biological Companies
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacological research laboratories.
  • Agriculture and veterinary research institutes



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