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psychology future in pakistan.Are they called psychiatrist.Urgent

wt kind of jobs psychologist do on pakistan.
asked Oct 10, 2011 in Bachelor by Shafia (30 points)

1 Answer

Dear Shafia,

Psychology future in Pakistan is very good and there are many options available for psychologists in Pakistan. Students with Masters in Psychology are usually employed, depending upon their specialization, by multinationals, health and education sectors. In multinationals they are employed in research, human resources and training. In health sector they are employed as clinical psychologist, psychometrician, addiction and family counsellor and education sector  employed them as school psychologist, guidance counsellor and teacher. Beside that many students opt for teaching profession (psychology) in public and private institutions.  

Remember your decision for getting into psychology field should not be based only on job prospects, rather it should be based on your interest and passion. Technological advancement rapidly changing the nature and scope of occupations. Therefore don't expect that you'll end up only in the above mentioned sectors/options. There will be many more occupational options available to you by the time you'll finish your school!

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All the best,

Imran M. Ismail
answered Oct 10, 2011 by Imran M. Ismail (890 points)