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I am Going to Get Admission in Biotechnology , Biochemistry in University of Lahore...

Aoa, i have some confusion about BS-Biotechnology and BS-Biochemistry. I am Going to Get Admission in University of Lahore.
1.Whats the Difference between BS-Biochemistry and BS-Biotechnology ?
2. Which Field is Better , Biotechnology or Biochemistry ?
3.Whats the future/career of Biotechnology , with special reference to Government Sector Opportunities ..?
4.Whats the Career prospect of BS-Biochemistry , Where its best Future Pakistan or anywhere and whats average Salary...?
5.Is University of Lahore best for BS-Biotechnology or Biochemistry ? Its Degree has some value or Not...?
6.Should i get admission in University of Lahore...? As i have submitted admission form and Entry Test is in the Next month July.
Please tell the Answer  of Each and  Every Question with all Information  as i am in Very Tense Condition Because Its all About my Future...I Hope you will really help me And Guide me in the Right Direction...It will be  Your Great Favor for Me...
asked Jun 12, 2012 in Bachelor by abaidullah93 (6,910 points)
edited Mar 25, 2013 by sohaib

1 Answer

Dear Student,
Your first four questions are related to the careers in both the fields, for detailed introduction of both of these fields, You must visit the career introduction section available at eduvision website. Or you may also go directly to this link for detailed introduction of career in Biotechnology. Similarly detail introduction with job opportunities of Biochemistry may be found here

Both are very good fields. Biotechnology, is an emerging sciencces, and has good scope all over the world which is increasing day by day. Its applications are being used in numerous field. It is estimated that only in the field of medicine, by 2020 more than 50% of the medicine will be prepared with the help of biotechnology.

Regarding the status of University of Lahore, it is a recognized and well reputed university. But if you can also apply to University of the Punjab and Government College University Lahore, that will be better. I am not saying that you should not apply in University of Lahore, but if you get admission in PU or in GCU then you should prefer these two over University of Lahore. After these two, university of Lahore is good option.

Sohaib Ahmad Khan
answered Jun 13, 2012 by sohaib (242,440 points)