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how to get studied abroad after Fsc in pakistan

AoA, Sir i want to know that after passing Fsc (pre eng) in Pakistan how can i apply for any US university for software engineering .. simply what are their requirements and merits ..and how much the marks of Fsc counts in merit

Arham ishaq
asked Dec 19, 2011 by arhamishaq (30 points)

1 Answer

Dear Student,
Please note that Bachelor degree from abroad e.g US, UK, Germany, France etc... does not really help in achieving great success. What really matters is Masters or PhD degree from these countries. As the cost of studies in these countries is really high, I would advise you to complete your bachelors degree here in Pakistan and then go for MS or PhD from USA or any other country. This will really make a huge impact on your career prospects and you will be much more focused. Moreover, by that time you would be old enough to cater to the problems of living abroad and settling there.
At this time, it is really not a good option.

Sohaib Ahmad Khan
answered Dec 19, 2011 by sohaib (242,440 points)
Dear Arham,

Mr Sohaib provided an excellent and to the point advice I fully agreed with his advice. Additionally there are more scholarship options at master and PhD level than at bachelors level.

Imran M. Ismail