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computer engineering from EME NUST or software from BAHRIA karachi?(urgent: ADMISSION DEADLINE TO EXPIRE IN 1 DAY!)

sir i have been selected in NUST EME college for COMPUTER ENGINEERING. I have to report there TOMMOROW, otherwise my admission will be cancelled. (i had a time of 3 days to reply).
I am already enrolled in BAHRIA university karachi for SOFTWARE engineering. sir my question is whether i should leave bahria and go for eme, for it is surely better in every sense of the word...however my inclination is towards the SOFTWARE STREAM...but bahria doesn't have much worth... and computer engineering is more of a telecommunication cum software degree...sir what should i do? go for the better institute or stay in bahria and do software?
asked Sep 29, 2012 in Engineering by student94 (160 points)

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Dear student,
Computer engineering at EME NUST is a one in a lifetime opportunity. You must go for it. Also the scope of computer engineering is more than software engineering. So you must not have any reason to leave this golden opportunity. Go for EME NUST.

Sohaib Ahmad Khan
answered Sep 29, 2012 by sohaib (243,800 points)