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can we do electronics or mechatronics engineering from uet lahore after doing ics physics

and what is the difference between electronics engineering and electrical engineering
asked Jun 3, 2012 in Bachelor by shahmeer mohsin (130 points)

1 Answer

Dear Student,
In UET Lahore, an ICS with Physics student can only apply in COmputer Scieces, COmputer Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, City & Regional Planning (CRP), Architecture and Product & Industrial Design.
Although Computer Engineering is a branch of electronics engineering, hence if you choose computer engineering it would just like you choose electronics and selected computer as a specialization.
Regarding your second query, electrical engineering has two main branches, one is Power, and other is Electronics. In Power, electricity generation and transmission is handled while in electronics all the automatic machinery like computers, mobile phones, and others are produced.

Sohaib Ahmad Khan
answered Jun 3, 2012 by sohaib (242,440 points)
But i heard  All Engineering universities preferred Fsc For Computer Engineering than ICS :(