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IS UCP (university of centeral punjab) Mechanical Engg recognized by PEC? - Eduvision Career Counseling Eduvision Online Career Counseling - Career Planning - Questions for Study in Pakistan - HEC Recognition - Top University - Admission Criteria - Eligibility - Medical Colleges in Pakistan - Engineering - Admission - Scholarship - Recognition

IS UCP (university of centeral punjab) Mechanical Engg recognized by PEC?

It is written on its website that "Zero visit has been counducted successfully by PEC" What its mean?
asked Aug 5, 2012 in Engineering by prince (70 points)

1 Answer

Dear student,
UCP's mechanical engineering program is not recognized by PEC. After an institution applies for registration with PEC, the PEC team visits the campus to verify that facillities are up to the standard to start the program. Normally PEC team visits  2 to 3 times before the accreditation is awarded.

Sohaib Ahmad Khan
answered Aug 10, 2012 by Sohaib Khan (6,270 points)