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sir please give me the list of best institutes for CA in pakistan by ranking

i live in multan and want to study accounting after inter which city should i choice
asked Feb 13, 2013 in Commerce, Accounting & Finance by Nouman94 (130 points)

1 Answer

Following is the list of better colleges of Accounting all over Pakistan:

College of Financial & Management Sciences (CFMS), Islamabad
National College of Business & Management Sciences (NCBMS), Islamabad
Islamabad College of Accounts & Finance (IsCAF), Islamabad
School of Business and Management, Islamabad
Imran College of Accountancy (ICA), Islamabad
SKANS School of Accountancy, Islamabad

Name of the Institution
College of Commerce Professionals (CCP), Faisalabad
Professionals' College of Accountancy (PCA) Faisalabad
SKANS School of Accountancy, Faisalabad
Islamabad College of Accounts and Finance(IsCAF), Rawalpindi
Wah College of Accountancy , Rawalpindi
College of Accountancy & Professional Studies (CAPS), Lahore
Professionals' Academy of Commerce (PAC), Lahore
Eastern College of Accountancy (ECA), Lahore
SKANS School of Accountancy, Lahore
The University of Lahore (UoL), Lahore
The Professional's Academy of Commerce, Gujranwala
Pioneer Finance College (PFC), Multan
SKANS School of Accountancy, Multan
Multan College of Accountancy, Multan
SKANS School of Accountancy, Sialkot


Al-Hamd Academy, Karachi
Mentors - The Accounting Academy (MAA), Karachi
Anis Hassan School of Accountancy (AHSA), Karachi
School of Business Studies (SBS), Karachi
College of Accounting and Management Sciences (CAMS), Karachi
Tabani's School of Accountancy (TSA), Karachi
College of Business Professionals (CBP), Karachi
Al Hamd Academy, Hyderabad
Hyderabad College (HC), Hyderabad
Khyber College of Sciences (KCS), Peshawar
Professionals' Academy of Commerce, Peshawar (PAC-P), Peshawar

Sohaib Ahmad Khan
answered Feb 15, 2013 by sohaib (242,440 points)